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[IP] Re: Microalbuminuria

 "jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>>Phosphates in dark colas are not good for your kidneys. Diet pop like
Root Beer, orange drinks are phosphate-free and okay. I always hear people
say *so-and-so did not take care....* and I say, almost every one I know
will sit next Thursday at a well-laden table and say: I shouldn't have eaten
that much!! <snip> Actually, there wasn't much hope so many of us
didn't even try to do our best cuz we had no idea what that was. (~_^)>>>

Shawna replied:
>> If I've offended you, it was unintentional, and I never "blamed" my aunt
for anything. >>

My, my, I don't know why there is a thought of offense unless my response
offended.   ???  I was responding with what I have learned and several
people (public and private) have thanked me for it so at least a few were
helped. I haven't heard anyone else mention offense at this post. I'm
confused now. I did not say *you* blamed your aunt for anything, it was your
words of  *however, my mother tells me she didn't take care of herself at
all and was addicted to Coca Cola.*

>> I only meant that she didn't have the tools or the knowledge to control
her blood sugars that we have today,

Yep - and over my 52 years' of living with DM I know whereof you speak.

>>and with her soda consumption (several a day), she was probably walking
around with sky-high blood sugars most of the time which lead to
complications. >>

I often had fruity-smelling breath indicating acetone (ketones) as well. One
lab test every 1-3 mos (no A1c's) didn't tell us toooo much.

> I know people didn't know what to do back then, and we have a better idea
of what to do today, along with better medicines and technology, so we can't
compare our situations. >

Well, to a point. But I BETCHA someone on this list will have a group of
food police blaming someone for eating something next Thursday. :)  It's a
given. The public hasn't changed that much even with *our* better
tools/knowledge. This was my point in my reply. All those who say *so-and-so
 didn't take care of themselves* haven't changed. I heard this about the
former DMer who had part of his foot removed a few months ago. He has had a
kidney-pancreas transplant for several years and the ravages of DM still
continue. The one who said *he didn't take care of himself* just got out of
the hosp. due to a stroke and is now on a restricted diet and she hates it.
Probably will not comply. Yet, she could say about someone else they

>> She did not have the benefit of a pump or even MDI's, and people didn't
think then that it was even possible to control blood sugar in a normal
range. >>

I was never on MDI - my first 31 years of IDDM I had one shot a day of
NPH/Reg and my next 2 years of IDDM I had two shots a day. I started pumping
19+ years ago and we then had one basal rate and delivery in whole units
only. Still not as updated as today's technologies. Only since I've been on
the 'net have I achieved in-range A1c's - 3.5 years.

>> I also know that we're only human with human desires and don't always
have the discipline to do what's good for us. >>

I know that and you know that and most of the members of this list know
that, it's the general public who don't know that. ;)

>> As for people making assumptions she didn't take care of herself, I've
been told she literally refused to give up soda, even though she knew it was
bad for her, and proudly proclaimed so.  It wasn't an occasional treat, it
was a daily ritual. She didn't use it to bring up lows, she just drank it a
lot.  Of course, without hope, she probably figured, why bother? I'm going
to die anyway, I might as well as enjoy life while I can. >>

Yeppers! And that was how I was treated by my mom - eat anything and
everything I wanted cuz death was inevitable. She subtly referred to my
death often. Doesn't give one too much hope. I have lots of people tell me I
have taken good care of myself and I tell them I did not. *I* know how my
care was and even had a 15.6 A1c once. I never took liberties on soda pop
since water quenced my thirst - which was often. But I enjoyed
wedding/birthday cake and pumpkin pie, etc. We had no idea of the carbs in
anything because the one shot was supposed to take care of everything. No
adjustments except once in awhile when sick took a coverage shot which
ALWAYS made us hit a severe low. We had no ratios to slide into - all WAG
stuff (wild a** guess).

>> I'm not casting any moral judgments or blame here regarding her behavior,
just the fact that I have a much better chance at avoiding complications
with the tools and knowledge we have today.>>

I only responded to what was written in the original post, not what you know
today and today's tools. It gave me an opportunity to *opine* to a common
reaction by the general public on any DMer who has ever eaten a piece of
candy. How many of the general public think we need a shot of insulin to
bring up a low? Lots and lots and lots. Even many medical people have spoken
those words to me - shocking. Again, it was an opportunity for me to utter
my piece. :-)

>>  I also realize that even if I achieve "perfect control" there will
always be some risk for complications due to genetics and things we don't
yet know about diabetes.>>>

So, you are saying *IF* that would happen to you that happened to your aunt,
your future relatives won't be told *you didn't take care of yourself*? All
bets are off. lol   BTW, I credit my genes with how well off I am today -
and my theory of why I have DM as well. If I didn't have it, I believe I'd
be as healthy as the rest of all the members of my family. I'm still the
only DMer in the family after 52 years.

Please, don't stress over my reply - I get Running Off The Mouth sometimes,
as well as Foot In Mouth disease. (~_^)

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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