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Re: [IP] One Touch UltraSmart

At 02:32 PM 11/21/02, you wrote:
>The UltraSmart perked my interest yesterday after reading George Davis'
>personal account with testing it out.  I couldn't find out very much
>information (perhaps I didn't look hard enough) from the Lifescan website,
>but I did find a photo of what it looks like from another site:
>http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/ada2002/ It's near the bottom of the
>A Lifescan rep got back to me this morning, and aparently it's slated to be
>on the market early in the new year (in Canada).
>George:  is it about the same size as a PDA?  Happy pumping, y'all.

When looking at the information provided at CWD, the UltraSmart reminds me 
a lot of the AccuCheck Complete which basically did all the same things: 
provided graphs, log sheets, etc.  It just took a long time for bg readings 
and was a bit more difficult to enter additional info to (possibly).  So, 
this looks, to me, like LifeScan's improvement on the Complete.

One problem I have had with all the downloading and automatic built in log 
sheets is that, with my schedule, I never eat lunch, or any meal, at the 
same time.  It might be noon today, 3 pm tomorrow.  All the meters and 
software I've tried so far require you to set time periods for lunch, 
etc.  This never works for me since, with the above example, pre-lunch 
would be at noon, and post lunch would be 2-3 pm.  The next day would be 
pre-lunch 3 pm. with post lunch being somewhere around 5 pm.  This just 
throws all the logsheets off so badly requiring so much "fixing" (I can't 
use any software that doesn't allow of manually entering information for 
this reason) that to me, it's so much easier to just use paper and pencil 
when doing logsheets.  Does any software allow for more flexibility?

dx'd 1963
pumping 2000

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