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Re: [IP] Re: Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite!

>Because "morally questionable" is opinion and not fact.  In my view it is
>morally reprehensible NOT to do this kind of research.

Technically, it is a FACT that it is morally questionable. It is the
morality of it that is opinion.

In other words, if is a fact that there is a question (debate) about whether
it is moral or not.  However, whether it is actually moral or not is up to

I also find it odd to think that NOT doing research is morally
reprehensible.  There are so many illnesses and diseases that research is
not being done for. Do you find that morally reprehensible as well?  Now, I
would say that not doing research is not beneficial, or that doing research
is a beneficial/good thing.  That doesn't, however, make the lack thereof
morally reprehensible!

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