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[IP] Carbos in proteins

I met with my diabetes nurse today and in the course of discussing what was
new with me (I've started counting a percentage of protein as carbohydrate,
with resulting lower BS readings, sometimes too low), she said this
carbo-in-protein thing was a new one on her, and she went and asked one of
the dietitians at the clinic, who said no, you don't do that.

So I came home and tried to research it. Here in Canada, the CDA's Good
Health Eating Guide makes no reference to it, and says protein choices
contain only protein and fat. So then I went to the USDA Nutrient Database,
CalorieKing and FitDay sites -- all of which said, for my example, a chicken
breast contained 0 carbohydrate, and none of which made any reference to
usable carbohydrate in the protein.

So, my question is: where does this idea come from? Is there a reputable
source I can steer my nurse towards? (I know Bernstein talks about it, but
she hasn't read the book, though she's open-minded.)

Any "proof" I can provide her with would be much appreciated.

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