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RE: [IP] Logbook DM (was Ultra vs Freestyle)

>Hi Ryan, 
>We use the Ultra as well. I don't know how to begin using a download 
>feature or why it is important.  Does it allow us to track my child's 


I wasn't sure if you thought the download was referring to the Ultra.  
The discussion about downloading was referring to Logbook DM and PDA 
software for managing diabetes, NOT for downloading from the Ultra 

Now, if you WERE talking about Logbook DM, then the download feature is 
useful when you want to print out your logbook to bring to the doctor 
appointment, etc. My point was that I DO have the ability to download 
this data, but it isn't as easy as some other PDA applications.  Since, 
for me, that is a feature I use once every few months, the ease of use 
on a day-by-day basis has higher priority.

As far as averages...you don't need to download anything to view 
statistics such as averages.  There is a statistics button right on the 
application that will show you averages for various time frames and 
categories (categories available in a few days, when I release 1.4).

I hope this answers your question.  If you were referring to 
downloading from the Ultra...well, I never bought the cable to do 
that...I just let my doctor do it for me, since he has the software in 
his office.  Now that I keep all my information on my PDA, there is no 
need to buy the cable for the Ultra.

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