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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #803

Here is another resource for an unbiased look at the top software programs
for PC palm and pocket PC


John Kaspar
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> ------------------------------
> Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 10:01:23 -0500
> From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Ultra lovers - take heart!
> >Ryan-Two questions 1) can your program be used with a palm PC?
> >2) is it downloadable for table/lap top PCs?  Where can we get our
> >program and how much are you charging for it.....oooopppsss....guess
> >that was THREE ?????ss
> Sylvia,
> 1. Logbook DM is PalmOS-based, so it will run on any Palm-based
> platform, such as the Handspring Visor, Palm Pilot/Zire/Tungsten/etc.,
> Sony Clie, and the like.
> 2. The answer is sort of yes and no.  Due to the design of the Palm,
> writing what is called a "conduit" takes special tools, etc., that I
> don't have the money for.  So, in the interim, I provided the ability
> to Export the data in CSV format to your PDA's Memo pad.  When you
> hotsync your PDA, the data will be accessible from your PDA's desktop
> software.  You then copy and paste from there into a spreadsheet
> application to print out.  So, you can download to the PC, yes...but at
> this point it is a three step process.  Never fear, though...I'm not
> happy about that arrangement.  I have plans for improving this
> particular area once my hectic life settles down (which should be
> sometime around the Christmas season).  Until then, I'm still working
> on other features that aren't so involved.
> 3. You can try it for free from www.handango.com or www.palmgear.com.
> (Do a search for "Logbook DM" to find it.)  One note...the current 1.3
> trial version only supports 14 entries.  However, I'm going to release
> 1.4 in a few days to supports 40 entries in the trial version.  I
> realized that 14 entries for some people only gives them less than 2
> days of use!!!
> To be completely fair, however, and for fear or being construed as an
> ad, there are other applications available for the PDA you can try as
> well.  Each have their own advantages and strengths.  Just as an
> example:
> Logbook DM's main strength is how easy it is to use.  I don't think any
> other application is faster in terms of how quickly you can log
> everything.  It also has statistics, bolus calculation with unused
> insulin, history, reminders, and in 1.4, automatic categorization.
> Gluco-Pilot and DiabetesPilot are not as easy to enter information, but
> one provides an integrated food database, and the other has nice
> graphing built-in.
> DiabetesNow has nice downloading capabilities (providing you also buy
> their MiniCalc application), as to a couple of others.
> ezManager is good because it has a desktop application for reporting,
> but it isn't as easy to use.
> Freestyle Tracker obviously has the built-in monitor, but again, it
> isn't as easy to use as Logbook.  However, I think it has easier
> download abilities.
> There are other, lesser applications, but most of them are not really
> on-par with the ones above (there might be exceptions, though...I can't
> remember them all off the top of my head).
> Ryan
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