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Re: [IP] Suggestions for Doctors in Oregon Please?

At 11/21/2002, 08:12 AM Melissa wrote:
 >Hi Everyone,
 >I am still trying to find a doctor for Kristina in Oregon.  Can anyone out
 >there help me?  I
 >tried the suggestion of the doctor here in Eugene but they don't take 12
 >year olds.  So
 >I'm stuck going to Portland.  Dr. Snyder and Dr. Hunter at Emmanuel were
 >but Dr. Hunter isn't taking new patients and Dr. Snyder doesn't have an
 >opening till May.
 >OHSU is also a possibility but I don't know any names or how that works.
 >But they don't
 >have appointments open till April.  Can anyone tell me about OHSU and
 >whether that
 >would be a better situation than sticking it till Dr. Snyder is available?
 >Any other

Have you tried the Portland Diabetes and Endocrinology Center? Please write 
me privately if you need more information.

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