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[IP] Assorted Stuff - Jan, Laura (long)

Hi all.  I've been feeling pretty "down" today and recent posts have
brought me back up (pulled me back in, lol.)

2 in particular were Jan and Laura regarding  "*so-and-so did not take
care....* "  Laura - rant all you want, your post helped me so much,
thanks.  You wrote:  **I think much of the

general population has the idea that as long as people with

diabetes "take care of themselves", they should never have high or

low blood sugars, are guaranteed never to develop complications,

etc. **

Jan -- I already posted to you privately, but felt compelled to write to
the list too.  Your post, :  **and I say, almost every one I know

will sit next Thursday at a well-laden table and say: I shouldn't have

that much!! Well, having DM doesn't equip us with an automatic switch to

turn off our desires either. We are the same people we were before dx

as they will overeat, but blame us for *not taking care of ourselves.*

them walk in our shoes even one day**

says exactly what I feel.  AMEN! and THANK YOU!


Also today I was fooling around with my new (new for me) Accu-Chek
Compass software and noticed that I couldn't add my insulin boluses to
my log.    I have an Accu-Check Advantage and had previously downloaded
my meter data and was going in to manually add my insulin to the record. 
Well, it wouldn't let me add it.  (the insulin field wasn't highlighted.)
I got very frustrated and called tech support and he told me that they
"get a lot" of questions like that.  (Gee, I wonder why?!)

Anyway . . . he said to click on "new record" at the bottom and then I
had to manually add the data in order to add the insulin taken.  It will
then prompt you that "this data already exists" and do you want to save
the newer data.  He then said to answer "yes".  That was the solution to
add insulin to records that ALREADY existed in the log.

I then said, "Well, THAT's stupid . . that's going to be a pain in the
butt."  He (I think his name was "Robert") then said, yes he agreed and
could I hold on a minute and he'd check to see if he could send me an
Accu-Chek Complete meter, because this (insulin) data is already in the
meters memory when you "set up" the meter.  I knew the answer was going
to be yes, because like we all know, they make their money on the strips
and not the meters themselves.  Robert came back in a minute or two and
said that they are sending me a  *free* meter.


--- Sally Dawson

--- IDDM for 38 of my 39.5 Years

--- Another *Lifetime* Medic-Alert member
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