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[IP] Re: Has any been fired because of diabetes

Yes, I have been fired / laid off from the Post office (as a Postal
Carrier) for being a diabetic.  Of course the Post Office did everything
it could not to hire me because of the diabetes, but when the Union
pointed out that that was illegal, they relented, hired me then made it
as difficult as possible, played all the games they could think of, and
finally decided I was "too slow" to be a successful Letter Carrier (even
though I completed my rounds  and made it back to the Post Office at the
same times as the rest of them), they never offered to put me in any
other position within the Post Office, they just canned me.  The Union
said that even though we all know what the real reason for the discharge
was, we really couldn't prove it, so, they could not help me get the job
back and I could not sue either, so I was sol.

Throughout the years I have been "laid off" from a few jobs that I
personally think was because of the medical illness issue.  I do have the
diabetes, but, thankfully nothing else and I am not a sickly diabetic, I
never miss work for illness, mainly because I never get sick enough. 
With one Dr appointment every 3 to 6 mos (I try to make as late or early
as possible) the hour or two I take off for that appointment is not a
problem.  When you find yourself laid off / fired after you have
continually been given you excellent evaluations, raises, told how happy
they are with you and your performance, given extra work or assignments
because you can and did handle them successfully and in a timely manner,
the only conclusion I can come up with is they didn't want someone with a
medical problem working for them.

(dx 10/81, pumping 8/00)


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