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Re: [IP] Ultra vs Freestyle

I use BOTH the Freestyle AND the Ultra and I like them both.

I vary depending on my mood.

I think using the Ultra is easier.
I don't have to take the meter out of the case to use it.
The case is smaller than the Freestyle's.
It soaks up the blood immediately and is super fast.
It takes a goober of blood compared to the Freestyle.
I hate throwing away strips if I don't have just enough blood.
(Seems to be a problem when the hands are cold.)

I also love the freestyle.
Out of the case, the freestyle is more Ergomatic.
I like the dual side option on the strips.
I LOVE the tiny amount of blood it requires.
I like the Lancet device more than the Ultra's.
I don't like waiting for the strip to suck up the blood.
I don't like waiting for my results.
I don't do forearm testing.

My sugars are always changing so the forearm never matches the fingers.
And I bruised like you wouldn't believe no matter where on the arm I tested.

John & his Paradigm who says "Too Bad John, test anyway"

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