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[IP] Less than 24 hrs. til pumping!!!!!

   Just thought I'd let everyone know I start my insulin pump tomorrow.
Very excited, yet a little nervous thinking its so soon! I had a doctors
appoint. Monday, and my doctor said is was definitely time to try it. My
24 hour urine cane back excellent, but my A1c was still 8.1. Usually it
runs in the low 7's. Anyway, from the first time I talked to her about
it, til Monday, she was alot different. She said she really thought it
would help me alot. In Oct. she said I could have as great control on
shots as the pump. Now she saying it will improve my control> Who knows
maybe she was having a bad day in Oct.???? Anyway I was informed to lower
my NPH tonight to half, do I take more humalog? What about in the morning
before training? Do I take only humalog before I eat breakfast? I forgot
to ask her that one. My trainings at 10:00 a.m., so more than likely I'll
eat before I go just in case it takes longer than two hours. Any
suggestions???  Any advice before I st! art my pump, would be greatly
appreciated!! Thanks!                     Jamie Marty email @ redacted
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