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Re: [IP] Ultra vs Freestyle

I have not used the Freestyle.  But I'm very happy with the Ultra, so I 
haven't really considered switching.

As far as the Ultra, my biggest complaint (which someone else 
mentioned) is that I frequently have a problem where if you don't get 
the blood to fill the window fast enough, even though by the time the 5 
seconds is up there is enough blood, that it will give an error.  
Sometimes I feel like it is race.  :-)  So, I end up having to get a 
bigger drop of blood than is technically necessary just to make sure 
that the droplet is "sucked up" fast enough.  

For example, if I apply the blood, and by the time it counts to 3 I am 
only half-way full...then even if I fill the window by 5, I can expect 
an error.  On the other hand, sometimes I don't have to completely fill 
the window and it will still give me a result.

I find that I'll end up having to throw out about 1-2 strips per bottle 
on average because of this.  But, all in all, it works well...and you 
just can't beat 5 seconds!  It is so easy that I've done the entire 
testing procedure while at a stop light with time to spare in the 
past.  Also, the lancet device is very gentle, especially with the 
depth adjuster. I usually use a lancet for close to a month.  WHen a 
lancet is new, I have to go deeper to get blood.  As it "ages", I can 
back it off some, still avoiding the pain.

One final tip...I never had considered using my thumbs until recently.  
I found that not only can I get blood easier from my thumbs, but they 
hurt a LOT less, even on the pad, plus there is more surface area to 
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