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Re: [IP] Ultra lovers - take heart!

>Ryan-Two questions 1) can your program be used with a palm PC? 
>2) is it downloadable for table/lap top PCs?  Where can we get our 
>program and how much are you charging for it.....oooopppsss....guess
>that was THREE ?????ss


1. Logbook DM is PalmOS-based, so it will run on any Palm-based 
platform, such as the Handspring Visor, Palm Pilot/Zire/Tungsten/etc., 
Sony Clie, and the like.

2. The answer is sort of yes and no.  Due to the design of the Palm, 
writing what is called a "conduit" takes special tools, etc., that I 
don't have the money for.  So, in the interim, I provided the ability 
to Export the data in CSV format to your PDA's Memo pad.  When you 
hotsync your PDA, the data will be accessible from your PDA's desktop 
software.  You then copy and paste from there into a spreadsheet 
application to print out.  So, you can download to the PC, yes...but at 
this point it is a three step process.  Never fear, though...I'm not 
happy about that arrangement.  I have plans for improving this 
particular area once my hectic life settles down (which should be 
sometime around the Christmas season).  Until then, I'm still working 
on other features that aren't so involved.

3. You can try it for free from www.handango.com or www.palmgear.com. 
(Do a search for "Logbook DM" to find it.)  One note...the current 1.3 
trial version only supports 14 entries.  However, I'm going to release 
1.4 in a few days to supports 40 entries in the trial version.  I 
realized that 14 entries for some people only gives them less than 2 
days of use!!!

To be completely fair, however, and for fear or being construed as an 
ad, there are other applications available for the PDA you can try as 
well.  Each have their own advantages and strengths.  Just as an 

Logbook DM's main strength is how easy it is to use.  I don't think any 
other application is faster in terms of how quickly you can log 
everything.  It also has statistics, bolus calculation with unused 
insulin, history, reminders, and in 1.4, automatic categorization.

Gluco-Pilot and DiabetesPilot are not as easy to enter information, but 
one provides an integrated food database, and the other has nice 
graphing built-in.

DiabetesNow has nice downloading capabilities (providing you also buy 
their MiniCalc application), as to a couple of others.

ezManager is good because it has a desktop application for reporting, 
but it isn't as easy to use.  

Freestyle Tracker obviously has the built-in monitor, but again, it 
isn't as easy to use as Logbook.  However, I think it has easier 
download abilities.

There are other, lesser applications, but most of them are not really 
on-par with the ones above (there might be exceptions, though...I can't 
remember them all off the top of my head).  

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