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[IP] Re: IP] Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Remicade

Debbie wrote, in part:
>>> My Methotrexate is in pill form. Wonder if that makes a difference? I
take folic acid to go along with the
Methotrexate. >>>

It did make a diff. for my hugsband. Painologist said it's more concentrated
and effective. The reason for the folic acid is the Metho is sort of like a
chemotherapy and destroys the folic acid so must be replaced. Hugsy also
took prednisone for a few weeks to get relief, he did get it and was
instructed on how to taper off and quit.

His hands are very warm but no longer hurt or are swollen like they were at
the beginning of the year. I like the warm hands cuz my left hand is always
cold due to the rerouting of the blood vessels when they inserted the Gortex
Loop for dialysis. I wear a glove when out (ala M. J.) but often will have
him hold it and it's soooo soothing. We balance each other. ;)

I hope this works for you and you can get relief. He was quite miserable
there for awhile.

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