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Re: [IP] Ultra vs Freestyle originally Re:Ultra-Smart


I started testing with the Ultra and switched to the Freestyle and Freestyle
Tracker. The Freestyle definitely requires less blood. Not only does it
require less,  I always had to get a larger than necessary blood droplet to
make sure the Ultra test strip would  fill up fast enough. I wasted a lot of
test strips because the test would start before the strip was full causing
an error. This never happens with my Freestyle. From the time I begin to
apply the blood to the strip, I think I have up to a minute to complete the
task. Once it has enough, it beeps. It usually beeps pretty much right away.
I think I have a newer/improved unit than Sylvia who wrote: "We were given
the Freestyle and we were never sure if we had enough blood.  We threw away
more strips because of the  Error Message for not enough sample." Also,
Sylvia likes having the "window at the tip of the strip" I like it at the
sides and I particularly like having it on both sides since I use both
hands. It is possible that Sylvia has a new improved version of the Ultra.
My last Ultra was shipped to me in August of 2002. My Freestyles I got in
October of 2002.

I also realllly like the lancet device that came with the Freestyle. It is
much kinder to the fingers. I still use my fingers and will continue to do
so. I had gotten to the point that I would ask my husband to cut my meat
because my finger tips were too sore to press down on the knife and fork. I
don't have to do that anymore.

It is possible that your CDE may have both an Ultra and a Freestyle for you
to try. I was fortunate enough to be visiting family in Baltimore when there
was a diabetes expo and I got to see a lot of meters and pumps pretty much
side by side.  It is hard to make these decisions based upon other peoples
preferences. Good luck with your decision.
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