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Re: [IP] is this neuropathy????????????

>>>I'd advise you to see your diabetic care specialist. If it is neuropathy,
you can receive treatment for it. If it isn't, your doctor can determine
what steps to take.>>>

>Is there a definitive test they do to determine if you have neuropathy?>

I'm not sure if there is a definitive test for neuropathy, however, the
specialists have studied and specialize ;) in this sort of thing so they
know the symptoms and the available treatments.

Usually - and certainly not always - neuropathy can start in the feet
bilaterally and work its way up - starting with fire pain. If the feet go
numb which would lessen the pain, that is not good as I saw a picture of a
large man who had problems getting his shoes on - a toy chair was embedded
in his foot and he didn't know it!

A podiatrist at a support group said that any weird sensations in the feet
were called Polyphasia - and is a form of neuropathy. Perhaps you have
polyphasia of the legs. Dunno - get checked for expert answers. (~_^)

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