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Re: [IP] Re:Ultra-Smart


  Josh is now using the Ultra.  Yes the blood drop is slightly larger than 
Freestyle but the main thing I really like about the Ultra is that little 
window at the tip of the strip.  You can see the blood drop get sucked up 
into that strip and when that little window is full you are absolutely 
certain that you got enough blood.  We were given the Freestyle and we were 
never sure if we had enough blood.  We threw away more strips because of the 
Error Message for not enough sample that when we got the Ultra I gave away 
our two Freestyles.  It was frustrating.  And Josh just does not bleed well 
enough on his arms to use those.  I dearly wish he did, but he doesn't.  
Believe me we have tried all the tricks and the don't work, also too time 
consuming for him!

mom to Joshua
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