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[IP] "Taking care of ourselves": was Microalbuminuria

<<I always hear people say *so-and-so did not take care....* 
and I say, almost every one I know will sit next Thursday at a 
well-laden table and say: I shouldn't have eaten that much!! 
Well, having DM doesn't equip us with an automatic switch to 
turn off our desires either. We are the same people we were 
before dx just as they will overeat, but blame us for *not taking 
care of ourselves.* Let them walk in our shoes even one day! I 
read on this list before that if someone ever saw us eat candy to 
bring up a low we will be blamed for not taking care of 
ourselves as well.>>

I agree....I've always *hated* the phrase "taking care of ourselves" 
in the context of diabetes management.  I think much of the 
general population has the idea that as long as people with 
diabetes "take care of themselves", they should never have high or 
low blood sugars, are guaranteed never to develop complications, 

Also, it gives the impression that "taking care of ourselves" is a 
simple, straightforward thing that we're either doing or not doing.  In 
fact, as we all know, many people work very hard, test frequently, 
watch what they eat, etc., but are still not able to achieve the 
numbers they desire. Are they "not taking care of themselves"?  

Not to mention that everything we do has tradeoffs.  For example, 
tight blood sugar control to reduce the likelihood of long-term 
complications may (for some people) increase hypoglycemic 
episodes.  Someone could witness an insulin reaction and 
conclude that we're obviously "not taking care of ouselves".

Bottom line -- the result is that when someone with diabetes 
develops complications, in addition to coping with the extra health 
challenges, they also have to deal with people who blame them for 
"not taking care of themselves".  

Anyway -- this isn't a comment on anyone's posts, just a general 
rant.  :-)  

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