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[IP] Re: Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite!

<<<<<We might win the battle, but the war can never be won.  Death and disease are inevitable.  We manage to wipe out one disease, but new ones are constantly being discovered.>>>>>>

<<<How depressingly pessimistic a thing for a pumper to say.
<<<  Au contraire, we now have the potential to understand old and new diseases, and cure all forms of human illness.  Indeed, we even have to potential to halt human aging. >>>

Is it really so far fetched to suggest that death is inevitable?  All my life I've heard it said that two things are guaranteed -- death and taxes.  Personally, I find the likelihood of a fountain of youth being discovered by science to be as elusive as ever.  We may be able to lengthen life, but rule out death?  That is impossible.  If diabetes doesn't kill us, I feel quite sure that something else WILL.  Perhaps not at seventy or eighty.  But sooner or later, we'll all die.

Sometimes, when stem cell research is discussed, I think people forget that there are types of stem cell research that are not stuck in a moral quagmire.  Personally, I share the minority viewpoint that embryonic stem cell research is wrong.  However, I am enthusiastically interested in the possibilities involving the use of adult stem cells and stem cells from umbilical cord blood.  (I donated my daughter's cord blood in the hopes that it would could be used for research, or even a cure for something.)  THAT is the kind of stem cell research we can all agree on.  I don't understand why it can't be pursued first and foremost.  Why the obsession, both from researchers and diseased people who may benefit, with the stem cells that come from a morally questionable source?

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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