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Re: [IP] is this neuropathy????????????

Julie, in all sincerity asking someone what neuropathy feels like (or
doesn't feel like <g>) is like asking someone what blue looks like.
Everyone will conjure up a different "blue"  What you are experiencing could
very well be neuropathy.

But, you could also have some other nerve thing going on.  I'd advise you to
see your diabetic care specialist.  If it is neuropathy, you can receive
treatment for it.  If it isn't, your doctor can determine what steps to

Good luck!

> Has anyone experienced this??????????
> I have what I would call... vibrations in my lower leg and foot.  I had it
> little bit last year, but I have had it almost continuously for the past 5
> weeks.
> Was wondering if this could be neuropathy.  What does neuropathy usually
> like?
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