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[IP] Microalbuminuria

> No, it's not an Albumin/Creatinine Ratio from a urine test.  It's a
Bun/Creatinine Ratio from a blood test and I have no idea what it means.  I
only know that it has gone up since my diagnosis in March and at 32, it is
now out of the normal range (6-25).  Over the past 8 months my BUN (Urea
Nitrogen) has gone up from 7 in March to 12 in May to now 19.  On the other
hand, my Creatinine has gone down from 0.8 to 0.7 and now 0.6.  Again, I
have no idea what this test means in the overall picture.

I can't urge strongly enough for your own peace of mind, to request a
referral to a nephrologist. A neph specializes in kidneys and an
endocrinologist specializes in the endocrine glands of which the pancreas
(and thyroid) is one. I'm sooooo sorry I did not insist on that referral
until I got to 35% (dys)function. At least the kidneyologist can get a
baseline diagnosis and you'll have a reference as well as be an extablished
patient. If there is a problem, this doctor will know the latest ways to
help you. I began dialysis for the rest of my born days on 7/8/02.

> My diabetic aunt died of kidney failure at 40 in 1964, so I'm worried
about a genetic predisposition; however, my mother tells me she didn't take
care of herself at all and was addicted to Coca Cola.  And this was back
when people were only on one injection a day with no glucose meters, and no
Ace Inhibitors, so I realize it's not a good example of what may or may not
be in store for me.
> Thanks,
> Shawna

Phosphates in dark colas are not good for your kidneys. Diet pop like 7-Up,
Root Beer, orange drinks are phosphate-free and okay. I always hear people
say *so-and-so did not take care....* and I say, almost every one I know
will sit next Thursday at a well-laden table and say: I shouldn't have eaten
that much!! Well, having DM doesn't equip us with an automatic switch to
turn off our desires either. We are the same people we were before dx just
as they will overeat, but blame us for *not taking care of ourselves.* Let
them walk in our shoes even one day! I  read on this list before that if
someone ever saw us eat candy to bring up a low we will be blamed for not
taking care of ourselves as well. And, we must be pretty bad off if we have
to use a pump. I don't know what your aunt went through, and it was tough
back in the '50s and '60s and even later with only one shot a day,
unreliable pee tests, and one lab test every 1-3 months with no A1c's, etc.
so I personally wouldn't blame her until I actually knew what she went
through. We had to do our best back then and didn't see immediate results
cuz there was no way to. Actually, there wasn't much hope so many of us
didn't even try to do our best cuz we had no idea what that was. (~_^)

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