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[IP] Question about insurance

I've been using an insulin pump for not quite four years (a Minimed 507C).Up 
until the end of 2002, I will have had my supplies covered by group health 
insurance. Now I am working for a non-profit organization that is too small 
to realistically implement a group health plan, so I have been paying for 
COBRA coverage from my former employer. My 18 month eligibility is about to 
run out, and I've been rejected for an individual plan on the basis of Type 
1 Diabetes. I live in Arkansas and the state offers a CHIP program through 
Blue Cross Blue Shield (Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool) in which people 
who have used up their COBRA eligibility and have been rejected for 
individual plans can find insurance. It basically covers the same things 
(like pump supplies) at the same percentages as my current plan, only at a 
$1000 ductictible (I was used to a $300 one). The deductible is going to be 
hard to pay (my husband studies full time), but not as hard as not having 
insurance! My question is: Has anyone else found themselves in a situation 
like mine, where they are willing to pay for insurance, but are rejected? I 
looked for a new job (not because I wanted to leave mine, but because I 
thought I might find better benefits elsewhere) a few months ago in 
anticipation of my COBRA expiring, but I couldn't find another job. I 
decided to stay and try out the CHIP program. I really don't know what I 
would have done if I hadn't heard about it. I am not willing to give up the 
pump after four years and excellent A1C reports! I'd like to hear from 
anyone who can share information and /or experiences about this. Thanks!

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