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[IP] Microalbuminuria

I can speak from experience that your level of creatanine is definately a 
YMMV.  You start dialysis when you start to feel like crap.  My levels were 
in the 8's when I started on dialysis.

Being at a 2.0 really only means that your level is raised.  I was told when 
I was at a 4 that it meant that I had about 25% function left, when in fact I 
only had 13%.  The only way to tell how much kidney function you have left is 
to do a 24-48 hour urine test.


> Microalbuminuria
> Shawna can you share you BUN and Creatanine numbers.  My latest are BUN 40
> Creatanine 2.0  It's my understanding that diabetics go to dialysis when
> Creatanine hits 5.0.
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