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[IP] Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite! What to tell children

My son was 9 when diagnosed, and in the weeks following diagnosis every
now and then would have the "why me's" and the "I don't want this
anymore."  There were times that programs were on TV (Discovery Health
Channel, or news programs) that featured some child with some disease
that would prevent any type of "normal" life to continue.  We would
watch these, no comments were really necessary, he was smart enough to
realize that diabetes was better than "that."  But I think the thing I
said that made the most difference was really just a statement and a
question.  The following explanation is a little bit religious, but I
hope not too much to post on this list.  I explained to him that God
gave each of us gifts and challenges.  We receive these gifts and
challenges at different times in our lives, but everyone does receive
them.  I asked him what he thought his gift was.  He is a smart boy and
gifted athletically and enjoys the rewards of an active life and good
grades, so it was easy for him to identify his gift.  Then we identified
his challenge - diabetes.  Now the question is, if God could come down
and take away your challenge, but in exchange also took away your gift,
would you make the change.  No, he said, he would live with this
challenge and be the best he could.  I think I told him this 3 or 4
times in the first year and a half or so and it seems to have helped.
He is a well adjusted, happy 13 year old who faces the day to day trials
of diabetes without complaint.
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