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Re: [IP] Re: medic alert, annual fee???

I think that all of those having problems or concerns with Medic Alert should
probably just call them since by the sounds of things we've all been told
something different which is a little silly and not very professional.  When I
signed up on the website, it was $(US)35 and I got membership and a bracelet.
I was informed that from then on, the annual fee would be $20. I can't believe
that all these people have signed up with the same company for basically the
same thing and been told a million things. Weird. I might even call them and
find out the story. :)

Jacqueline Hall
>> But once I read it I started to wonder because when I signed up the form
>said there was a one time membership fee and the cost of bracelets but this
>new form says there are 2 levels of memberships and one has a one time
>membership fee of $50.00 PLUS a annual fee of $39!!   and the other has a
>one time fee of $60.00 and an annual fee of 49.00.
>> Am I going to be charged a annual fee now??

I've been a member of Medic Alert for almost 22 years and I've never paid
an annual fee. I think those fees may be voluntary for their premium
services, which include things such as free updates of medical information,
family notification in an emergency, bracelet re-engraving, etc. Since my
information doesn't change that often, I only pay the $15.00 charge when it
does.You might want to look at their website at http://www.medicalert.org/
or call them at 888-633-4298 (209-668-3333 from outside the U.S.) for more

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