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[IP] Re: Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite!

I think people have misunderstood my point.  :-)

I am not the LEAST bit depressed about diabetes.  On the 
contrary...diabetes has been, in some ways, beneficial to me (not 
physically speaking of course :-).  

And, some have read the impression that I think research should be 
given up on.  On the contrary again.  My point is that we have been 
deceived to think that this stem cell research is the answer to all of 
the world's problems.  I can bet that in 10-15 years from now, people 
will look back at the hype of stem cell research and see how people 
just grasp at things in hope.  

The "breakthrough" in creating insulin-producing cells is NOT a huge 
step forward.  I will repeat that it is one small step forward of a 
process that will take lots and lots of more small steps.  This 
one "breakthrough" is not a huge step...but the result of several small 
steps that led to this.  However, only the END RESULT is reported, 
making it seem like a big step.  It took years and years for that "big 

No, my point is not to say that the research is pointless or 
futile...but to keep people grounded in the fact that we are going to 
be living with this disease for a long time.  Happiness and joy does 
not come in by looking hopefully at a future that may (or may not) ever 
come...but instead, by ACCEPTING things as they are, and THEN hoping 
that they will change.  

I'm trying to admonish people from seeing the "stem cell breakthrough" 
as being some giant leap an source of hope.  I've lived with my 
diabetes for over 20 years now, and I've managed to do so happily and 
without issue most of that time without ANY hype in stem cells.  

When I was younger, still in school, I remember getting excited about 
the research being done, hopeful that a cure would be found. I've since 
come to see that a cure is still a long way off, and that hope, while 
still there, has given way to contentment.  I'm hoping everyone else 
can do the same.



>Being depressed about this disease is normal. It is a part of the 
>Since my early teens I have fought with depression, mainly because of 
>diseases. I had a reverend (and I am not at all religious) tell me 
that God 
>gives each of us what we can handle. I have made it my life mission to 
>sure I handle this. I am going to be in the best health I can be in 
when they 
>find a cure.
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