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Re: [IP] Re: Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite!

> <<<<<We might win the battle, but the war can never be won.  Death and 
> disease
> are inevitable.  We manage to wipe out one disease, but new ones are
> constantly being discovered.>>>>>>

I believe that you are entitled to your opinion, and yes when we wipe out one 
disease another one is discovered. But if I had the attitude you have I would 
never be able to get out of bed in the morning. It is important to keep a 
somewhat positive attitude. Yes, death and disease are inevitable. But if all 
of us thought that way then why would we bother to work our a**'s off to stay 
in good control? Why would we fight endless battles with insurance companies 
to get the coverage we need in order stay alive? Why would we bother living 
our daily life attached to a machine?

Talk to any parent of a diabetic and they would tell you that it is their 
dream and hope that their child will be freed from this disease. Personally, 
my mom has made it her life mission to find a cure as well as how to prevent 
the disease entirely and prevent complications. She is forced to take time 
away from the family to do this, but my Dad and my brother feel that it is 
worth it because of the advances we have seen in the 14 years we have been 
fighting this fight. 

Being depressed about this disease is normal. It is a part of the fight. 
Since my early teens I have fought with depression, mainly because of this 
diseases. I had a reverend (and I am not at all religious) tell me that God 
gives each of us what we can handle. I have made it my life mission to make 
sure I handle this. I am going to be in the best health I can be in when they 
find a cure.

Parents: What did you tell your child upon diagnosis was the reasoning for 
them getting this disease? How have you helped your child deal? 

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