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[IP] Re: Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite!

How depressingly pessimistic a thing for a pumper to say.
  Au contraire, we now have the potential to understand old and new 
diseases, and cure all forms of human illness.  Indeed, we even have 
to potential to halt human aging. The knowledge is almost complete 
and the tools to get what is not known are there.  It is only a 
matter of time before it is all figured out.     Whether the 
understanding will come fast enough to let me stay alive forever, I 
don't know, but i'm certain I'll be able to see new functional beta 
cells that are immunoprotected.  And all those kids on this list can 
surely anticipate being able to throw away their pumps in their 
  100% certainty--guaranteed

<<<<<We might win the battle, but the war can never be won.  Death and disease
are inevitable.  We manage to wipe out one disease, but new ones are
constantly being discovered.>>>>>>
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