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Re: [IP] Re: WOW!!! Was MM 508 for sale

In a message dated 11/19/02 11:16:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> From being a very depressed and almost suicidal young lady, I spoke to her
> on the phone yesterday and she is so overwhelmed by the gestures of help,
> and so am I!!
> I wanted to say thanks too, as when I first read her email, I was down and
> feeling like "Who cares". Now I don't. I haven't the troubles she has, and
> the outpouring of support to her has done many hearts good..
> *I* for one thank you so very much for restoring my own faith in people and
> for helping her and those kids.

YES Jenny!  I've been meaning to express my thanks to the folks at IP as 
well............after all, I AM the gal who was depressed and suicidal.  I 
sat down yesterday and typed the email over and over again.  I just couldn't 
seem to put it into words that truly expressed the way I feel.  And I still 
can't.  I'm sure that the people who sent me things know that they've helped 
me but I'm not sure that they understand exactly how much.  Last week, There 
was NOTHING left for me to go on........I was exhausted with trying to deal 
with my situation and getting absolutely no help from the powers that be.  
Today, thanks to the people that came to my rescue, there is food on my 
table, pump supplies in my cabinet, and my utilities are safe from 
disconnection for another month or so :-)  And  thanks to some people that I 
have been put in touch with, I have hope that our future will be brighter.  
It won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen I think.

To those of you who have revealed your identities to me, thank you so much 
and you will be getting individual thank you's if you haven't already.  To my 
anonymous benefactor.......you rock! :-)  I only wish you had signed your 
card so I could thank you personally.  Your help was in no way "small" as you 
put it.  It showed me how HUGE your heart is and along with the rest of the 
things I received..........pump supplies, test strips, insulin, gift cards 
for food, clothes for my kids, gosh there are just too many things to 
list.........you all have restored my faith in humanity.  A special thanks to 
Denise Guerin and Jennifer Sutherland who have become my "angels".  Your 
compassion and guidance have given me the strength to keep going each day.  
Today, the tears that I cry are from real happiness when yesterday they were 
from despair.  I can't say it enough.........thank you, thank you, thank you 
to all of you!

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