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Re: [IP] Diabetes & Smoking very unhealthy Off topic

> Uh, Summer, how about being the non-smoking buddy?  Just a thought....
> Chris


Aaahhh, ok  BUT... I get to go on the trip too!!!

I've never smoked and don't plan on starting.  Actually that was one of the good things about having Diabetes.  When ever someone tried to get me to smoke I'd just say no can't got Diabetes.  Of course I know quite a few people with D that smoke but it was a good quick way to end the topic!!  
And then of course there was the drinking well I ended that by saying nope I got Gasto-Eshopogeal Reflux Disease, they say if I drink I'll blow a whole in my stomache!!!  Of course I don't think it'll happen just like that but, they tend to leave ya alone after that!!!  hehe

A strong believer on not drinking or smoking...

Not sure what I got against drinking(other than drunk drivers and so on) but I think its got something to do with my best friends family, seeing her mom drink day and night, and my friend having to help her to bed and undress her every night really turned me against it.  Unfortunatly my friend started smoking at age 9 and drinking at about 11.  Really don't like that.  My kids will never see that, at least not in their home.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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