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[IP] Re: daughter in college

Becky - thanks for all your suggestions.  I hve forwarded them to Melinda 
along with the others I have received.  She has been able to give herself all 
of her shots since the 3 hour ordeal on Sunday.  She is still upset about the 
girl that died.  In the paper they said she had the flu and high blood sugar 
and that she was on medication for diabetes.  At least I could tell Melinda 
that if she is testing at least 4 times a day, she would know if she was 
headed for trouble.  Another paper said this girl had a "diabetes attack" - 
(whatever that means, I hate teh term) and died of complications due to 
diabetes.  I know there is a tendancy for everyone including the medical 
profession to blame anything that happens to us on diabetes.  It would be 
better if she was hearing this a year form now just like it would have been 
better for her boyfirend to find someone else in a few months rather than the 
day she got out of the hospital.

>>i imagine it must be hard going from seeing diabetes as "what my 
>>mom has" to "what *I* have."

When she was having trouble with her shots I said that I know sticking 
yourself with a needle is not something that seems normal.  But then again she 
grew up seeing me give myself shots.  She said she thought it was "normal" for 
me but not for her!  Its also hard for me to see diabetes as something that is 
part of me to something that my daughter must deal with.  Of course I never 
wanted her to have this but it has been a bonding experience.  The first time 
we both were in the car testing our BS with our One Touch Ultras, I 
thought "there's someone like me."  I haven't known too many diabetics (in 
person, of course I now have all of you for support!)so at least we have each 

Thanks again,
Type 1 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
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