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Re: [IP] Re: Stem cell breakthrough? Not quite!

"> The point was that the insulin-production they managed to obtain was only
> 10% of the normal production of a beta cell...and didn't include any of
> other functions that the beta cells provide.  Huge step is a bit of an
> exaggeration...it is, rather, one more small step built upon many many
> small steps."

Well, we have to agree to disagree.  In my mind they took undifferentiated
cells and turned them into insulin producing cells.  "Only 10%?"  The fact
that they coaxed these cells even into just an approximation of what they
were going for is astounding in my mind - and many researchers who
understand the intricacies and difficulties of this research much better
than I.  And the fact that these cells then sustained the lives of the mice?

> >
"> We might win the battle, but the war can never be won.  Death and disease
> are inevitable.  We manage to wipe out one disease, but new ones are
> constantly being discovered."

Not really sure of the point here.  We're all going to die anyway so why
try?  I am interested in wiping out the disease that is affecting my son's
life.  If we are to face another disease, I'll fight that with all my might

"> Not necessarily.  A preventative measure would very likely prevent the
> from contracting whatever "bug" it is that caused the body to react the
> it did to kill offf the beta cells.  But, once the body is "programmed" to
> do so, the same preventative measure would not help.  Rather, the stem
> "cure" would require the ADDITIONAL work of figuring out how to make the
> body NOT react against the stem cells.  So, there are actually TWO cures
> necessary."
Researchers have for many years believed that "two cures" would be
necessary.  One to reinstate glucose-responsive, insulin producing cells and
one to modify the immune system.  That may make it more complex, but it does
not make it unacheivable.  And there is no proof that there is a "bug" that
causes a person to "contract" diabetes.  We know that there is a genetic
component and an environmental component, but we do not know what the
environmental components are.  It is theorized that a virus can set the
immune response in motion, but not proven.  And even if this is proven, it
is very unlikely that one virus is responsible.  In my previous post, I
mentioned that there is a lot of research looking into the immume response.
This research, which has made some promising headway, is aimed at
REprogramming an immune system.  And this is exciting for a lot of reasons,
not just diabetes research.  Prevention of this disease involves a lot more
than finding a vaccine for a bug.

"> I realize that most diabetics do not share my view.  :-) But, I am not
> convinced that a cure will happen in my lifetime...but I do believe that
> more effort were spent on preventative research, that millions of lives
> could be spared in the future.  I don't care that is no use to me today,
> this world is not my home."

You're thinking of yourself and I'm thinking of my child.  I do care and so
do many, many other motivated parents.  And there is a tremendous amount of
research towards preventing the disease.

"(I'm making an effort to stimulate
> conversation and thinking here, not to be argumentative or difficult,

Well, of course I know that :)

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