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[IP] What a Day!!! :-)

Well first I had a no delivery alarm!!  And after a few seconds of panic I remembered to just straighten out the tubing, I had just bolused and was curled up on the ouch so I straightened it out and bolused the missed amount.  Then later at Aquabics, I had just got in the pool and I heard my pump beeping at me, so I had to get it out from between my shoulder blades and it said LOW BATTERY ahhh, I figured (hoped) I was good for the next hour, and if not I wasn't to worried as one hour without insulin is allowed especially when I'm excerising.  I did make it back home to change it.  Now don't worry I always carry batteries and all my other supplies everywhere EXCEPT to Aquabics as it is a 3 minute walk from home and I can always get home quick to do what ever I'd need to do.
I had just changed the battery on the 10th so it only lasted 9days!  But I do use the backlight and push alot of buttons.  And since I've found deals of 12 AAA's - Energizer max for 7 dollars I'll just start changing them every Sunday.

Nothing to get your heart pumping like an Alarm from your pump!!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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