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Re: [IP] Diabetes & Smoking very unhealthy Off topic

Since we got to smoking and diabetes.....  I distinctly remember during my
first heart attack, the nurse asked me if I smoked.  I told her I had quit
smoking and she asked when.  I looked at my watch and said,  "Ten minutes

Seriously though, I did manage to keep off of them until going through my
divorce (we all have thousands of reasons don't we?)

Well, heart attack number two was a silent heart attack and I lost more
heart muscle.  This time my cardiologist felt like athroblasty was the
answer.  Instead of a nice soft balloon I had spinning razor blades inside
my coronary arteries.  Probably one of the more painful procedures I've had
done.  My cardiologist looked at me and asked, "Do you enjoy being on this
table."  It's now been ten years since my last cigarette.

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