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Re: [IP] re: nausea

> Just an FYI-- my mom is a RN, who worked in headache research (immitrex
> trials)-- Excedrin and Excedrin Migraine are exactly the same thing, if
> look at the bottle and the  % of ingredients.  The big difference is you
> more for fewer pills because the bottle says "migraine".  What happened is
> Excedrin people were able to market their same product under a new name,
> because new research showed that it had a positive effect on migraines.
> did just that--put the same pills in a new bottle, and charged you more
> fewer, because "these ones treat migraines"-- they both do.   trying to
> some cash.

this is the very reason i always buy things like headache pills,
anti-nauseants, vitamins, and anti-diarrhea pills in store brand (shopper's
drug mart normally, cause i'll be there anyway).  i save quite a bit that
way, and i see no reason to pay more for a name brand.  i nearly flipped
earlier in the year when i went in and the life brand (the sdm store brand)
anti-diarrhea pills weren't there.  they reappeared recently, thank
goodness.   there are some things that i will buy brand-specific, but not
when it comes to a lot of these pills.

i just took a look around, and yup, there's a lot of generic/store brand
stuff.  it's just as good as the name brand, just didn't have to pay so
much. :)

liz - ottawa
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