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It is truly sad to think that the leaders of this country as
well as others in the position of power only seem to value human life
when we are handing them money (or they are stealing it from us).  Here
in Nv, they claim the State has such a huge budget deficit that they
can't and won't do anythin! g to help the "less fortunate" (as if they
ever have) or give extensions on unemployment, but, we have millions or
maybe billions to waste taking the Federal Gov to court and fight opening
and using the Nuclear Waste Dump "Yucca Mtn", we all know  the State will
loose, the plan (enacted and bldg started on it over 30 yrs ago and is
still not set to open for another 10 to 15 yrs) will go through and that
money could be put to much better use, ie... homelessness, unemployment,
uninsured, cheaper medical costs, etc...   I'm sure other states as well
as the Feds do the same types of money wasting stunts.

I wouldn't expect any help or consideration from the yutz we now have in
office (since it's not an election year yet) or his cohorts. 

Yours is an interesting post.  I have wondered why "the People" are so afraid
of a National Health Plan.  Even in an election year, Republicans won't do
anything about health care but privatize it which as you know is a disaster
as they don't HAVE to provide care and can charge what they want and leave
unprofitable areas.  So. . . .it is a question of Big Business or Big
Government.  It is your choice at the polls and according to the last
election, "the People chose Big Business.  It's going to be a rough ride and
many will die.  Have been depressed over this as I feel the pain you all
have.    Ellie

PS  I believe that businesses can move offshore and save paying taxes.
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