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Re: [IP] Diabetes & Smoking very unhealthy Off topic

I agree that smokers should quit but I also agree that it's not that easy. As
soon as I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, I stopped smoking
(cold turkey) and it was the hardest thing. I just kept thinking throughout
the pregnancy that I didn't want my baby to be addicted to nicotine and that
she was relying on me like 100%. I also had God's strength with me. I never
took it up again because I didn't want my child to be around 2nd hand smoke
since I know that that's not healthy either but even after 2 1/2 yrs,
especially when things get a little tough I just wish I could have just one
but being pregnant again, I don't. I'm lucky as well, I have lots and lots of
support from family, friends and my local church. I totally agree with Tami
about praying to find the incentive to quit, that helps so much. So for all
those smokers, if your heart is totally in quitting then you can do it, it's
going to be hard but no one said it was easy and if you really want to get
through it and have the help and support, no matter how hard it is, you will
be able to do it. :)

Jacqueline Hall
Not only for the list but for every person with diabetes. diabetes is an
accelerant with cigarette smoke to heart disease, stroke and sudden cardiac
death syndrome. I keep telling all youse smokers just quit!
A. L. Bender, M. D.

I get the feeling you were not a smoker. Telling a smoker to just quit, it
is very hard to quit. Nicotine is very hard to get out of your system, let
alone the habbit part of smoking, it is not just a addiction but a habbit
also. I do think all smokers know its not healthy, they are the ones waking
up in the mornings hacking hteir lungs out. I honestly do not know of a
answer , but to say "just quit " is not the answer. Pray for smokers and
that they will find the incentive to quit like I did 2 years ago.
Tami in Tucson
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