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[IP] nausea

I don't know what to do! I have been so nauseated today even with near 
perfect BG. My BGs have been between 120 and 71. I had two lows and 1 high of 
194 that promptly went straight back down to "normal." I had some pepto and 
soup and that somewhat helped. Now my blood sugar is 77 so I drank a few sips 
of juice to prevent a low. I have a project to finish and a huge final to 
study for and I don't have time to spend praying to the porcelain gods which 
is where I am headed. Please any suggestions?! I also have a headache to make 
matters worse. I took two excedrine migraines about an hour ago and that has 
helped the head. It is almost dinner time and I am scared to eat. I do have 
some chicken veggie soup I was thinking I might want to try. Help!

Adriana dxd age 7 1988
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