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[IP] Re The dreaded E21 has happened!!! (long)

This morning I went to change infusion sets and when
done I decided that this would be a good time to
change the battery.  Well, I received my first E21
error!!!  My pump kept telling me to rewind and I
couldn't get it out of that mode.  Of course I lost
all settings (date/time, basals, fixed prime etc.) It
was basically stuck.  I called MM, and like what has
been reported, I was told that someone would get back
to me.  So I am sitting there waiting and I thought
"Well, I can certainly figure this out.  I am highly
educated and  a techie"...So, the first hurdle I had
to get over was the fact that I had to "scrap" out a
new infusion set.  That kind of pissed me off, but I
had to rewind the pump and start from scratch.  Once I
rewound the pump, I used the trashed infusion set to
"pretend" I was rehooking up.  Ran the pump through
priming and fixed priming.  Only then was I able to go
in and reset the basals, date/time etc.  By then the
MM rep called and I told him it looked like everything
was OK.  He said that the E21 error happens when the
pumps many check systems get interrupted.  I guess
that by changing the battery at the time I did, I just
happened to hit it at the wrong time.  I know that
this is long, but hopefully it may help someone who
has this problem.  There is no need to panic, but you
will probably have to trash an infusion set.  I was a
little startled at first because I have never had an
E21 before (8 months pumping).  From now on I think I
will be able to handle it with less stress. 
Blessings, C.

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