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RE: [IP] question about test strip refills

HI Anita,
Welcome to MY WORLD!:-)  It's annoying but I have learned that I am the conductor in a symphony consisting of insurance, doctor's office and pharmacy!  I have recently had a VERY similar situation. 
 Under my plan (CIGNA HMO) I am allowed 100 strips/30 days.  NOT ENOUGH FOR ME!  I test at least 10x/day, as you do.  What I had to do, as instructed by my insurance folks, was have my endo "CALL" CIGNA and tell the Rx folks that I have to have 300strips/month b/c I test at least 10x/day and am trying to get pregnant and must have tight control (whatever your Dr. has to say!--this is true for me:-)  The CIGNA folks then put in an "authorization" in my records for those strips so that when the pharmacy ran it through their computer it allowed more than the regular "max" of 100/month.
Granted!  It took patience on my part and several phone calls back and forth between the 3 entities to get it all done.  I try to not loose my temper because all in all I'm glad I have insurance that pays for virtually EVERYTHING I NEED!  And I pay VERY VERY little!
The problem I run into is in the "Dr. office section of the symphony".  My endo's staff has made me loose my temper due to their seeming incompetence!  They will not forward messages to him that I've left and that makes me think he's ignoring me.  But in the end I always find out that it is his staff that has dropped the ball.
Since I've switched from OneTouch to FreeStyle products I've recently gone through the same thing again!  It took all morning but I got it worked out and all is well now!:-)
I don't know what insurance you have but it sounds like you just have to go through the same process as I did.  Just remember you're the conductor and it's DARN HARD sometimes to get all the sections in tune!  I don't think you should defend your Dr. office so much!  You are a patient that pays a lot of money for his/her expertise! (regardless of insurance coverage! those Specialists make lots of money!) and if what you need from that Dr. is a letter or phone call of authorization then that is his/her responsibility to take care of!  it's not your fault those are the rules!  The only person loosing is YOU!  Stay on your Dr.s back until they get you what you need!
It is annoying that insurance companies change their coverage and we don't find out until we are standing at the pharmacy counter unable to get what we expected to get!
Good Luck and I hope you get your 300 strips! (SORRY SO LONG! I've just needed to get all that off my chest:-)
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; H-tron+ pumping since 6/00)
Hi everyone,

I have been pumping since this past May, and was always able to receive
300 test strips per month.  For some reason, in October, the pharmacist
told me my insurance would only cover 200.  My nurse practitioner plainly
wrote the form for 300/month, and for me to test 8x daily.  I told her I
tested 8 - 10 times, but felt like 300 test strips per month was more
than adequate.  I like to test before and after meals, fasting, bedtime,
before and after exercise, and before I drive a car.  One would think the
insurance company would LIKE people like me.  Anyway, has anyone had this
happen to them?  I called my insurance company, told the customer service
person what was up, and how often I test, and why.  She told me to have
the doctor's office write a letter to the insurance company.  Excuse me,
but isn't a prescription form as valid as a letter?  I called the
doctor's office and left them a message to write a letter (OK, get real,
what doctor has time to write a letter??) and never heard back.  Today,
once again, I was only allowed 200 test strips.  I tried to e-mail the
insurance company and there was an error, so I'll probably call tomorrow
AGAIN.  It's not my fault the doctor hasn't written a letter!!!  Also, in
September I changed from Accu-chek to One Touch.  I got 300 O.T. strips
in September, so that shouldn't have anything to do with it, although
I've thought about asking if the pharmacy can give me 200 Accu-chek
strips for an additional co-pay.  We have a decent income, so
theoretically we could afford to BUY test strips out of pocket, and will,
if it comes to that.  But, it's the principle of the thing.  We pay our
co-pays, 3 of the 4 family members are healthy, it's not my fault I have

Any advice?

Another pharmacy?

Maybe Merck-Medco would give me the full amount??


and Scrappy Blue the blue paradigm

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