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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #796

I agree wholeheartedly, we do need to do something to help out those of
us who are caught, mostly through no fault of our own, without any
insurance.  Cobra is so awfully expensive, in my own case the monthly
premium would have cost me more than my unemployment and then I still
would have had to pay the copay at the pharmacy.  I wonder who's stupid
idea it was to offer such as expensive alternative plan to those who for
whatever reason are left unemployed and uninsured?  Did I miss
something?????  Doesn't unemployed mean a loss of income, ie...no money
[IMAGE] ?  It is truly sad to think that the leaders of this country as
well as others in the position of power only seem to value human life
when we are handing them money (or they are stealing it from us).  Here
in Nv, they claim the State has such a huge budget deficit that they
can't and won't do anythin! g to help the "less fortunate" (as if they
ever have) or give extensions on unemployment, but, we have millions or
maybe billions to waste taking the Federal Gov to court and fight opening
and using the Nuclear Waste Dump "Yucca Mtn", we all know  the State will
loose, the plan (enacted and bldg started on it over 30 yrs ago and is
still not set to open for another 10 to 15 yrs) will go through and that
money could be put to much better use, ie... homelessness, unemployment,
uninsured, cheaper medical costs, etc...   I'm sure other states as well
as the Feds do the same types of money wasting stunts.

I wouldn't expect any help or consideration from the yutz we now have in
office (since it's not an election year yet) or his cohorts.  Although it
seems to make no difference which party is in office, they all act the
same towards us.  After all most of them get their medical free (its a
benny) and / or they have enough money to afford to pay the cheap medical
they are charged (another benny).


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