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Re: [IP] Mailing Humalog- why?

>>Just curious but I've noticed that alot of people get their insulin mailed to them, why?  Is it that much cheaper?  and wouldn't it cost about the same if not more once you add on the shipping?  Or do you all not have a pharmacy near you??<<

I get my Meds thru AdvanceRX.com
I have to pay $60 Copay for the Cozaar
($20/month for Name Brand) but they send me a big Pharmaceutical Bottle.

I pay the generic $15 Copay for the Novolog and they send me enough to last 5 months.

I don't pay for shipping.

Why do I use the AdvanceRX instead of the corner Drugstore?
No going out of my way only to find they're out of stock.
A big Bottle of Cozaar instead of those stupid little Childproof things.
Saving a big chunk a change for a whole lot of Novolog.

Plus they give me all of those nice Ice Packs that we use for my son's lunches.

John & his MailOrder Paradigm.

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