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Re: [IP] question about test strip refills

> Somone wrote:
> snip<I have been pumping since this past May, and was always able to
> receive 300 test strips per month.  For some reason, in October, the
> pharmacist told me my insurance would only cover 200.  My nurse
> practitioner plainly wrote the form for 300/month, and for me to
> test 8x daily.>snip

BS/BC     DOES have this internal policy and they fight real hard to 
make it stick by throwing all sorts of red tape in the way. The 
pharmacies and the third party suppliers like Merck-Medco and 
ExpressScripts are instructed to only dispense 200 strips per month. 
Since they are under contract to the insurance company, they are 
caught as the "guy in the middle" and really can't do much. 

Here's how to handle this problem.
Contact the primary insurance company directly and ask for 
pharmacy services. They will give you the same run-around most 
likely, but.....

They are under contract to you AND in all but 4 states, required 
to provide diabetes supplies in at least the same manner as regular 
prescription supplies if not better. Unless the contract of insurance 
(your copy) specifically states that only 200 strips per month will 
be supplies (it does not, trust me on this one) they must fill the 
doctors order. 

The prescription MUST be written in this form
------------ example for a 60 day supply, some ins co's are 90
dispense 600 One Touch test strips for a 60 day supply
refill 6x 

The insurance company may require the doc to write a "letter of 
exception" or some such bull-s---, yet another try at discouraging 
you, but jump through that hoop. 

Remember the Mantra.... don't give up, keep hassling them, appeal if 
necessary, file a complaint with the insurance commissioners office 
if necessary.

I pay $800 per month for medical insurance + $2000 deductibles,
+ $250 prescription deductible that must be used up for each family 
member. I have no mercy on the insurance company. They are not my 
friend or yours.


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