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[IP] FW: Great American Smokeout - 2002

I realize that this is off topic, but smoking is the single most preventable
cause of morbidity and mortality, and I offer it in the spirit of overall
health matters.  As such, I believe it is germane to the list.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 

The opinions expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those
of my wife who runs our house and makes more important decisions than I do.

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 Thursday, November 21, 2002

For the past 25 years, the American Cancer Society has sponsored the Great
American Smokeout with great success.  This nationally recognized campaign
challenges people to stop smoking for at least 24 hours and raises awareness
of the many effective methods of smoking cessation.

Did you know?
Cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer death in the U.S.,
killing an average of 400,000 Americans each year.
Smoking is the most preventable cause of premature death.
More than 4 in 5 smokers say they want to quit.

Join your fellow CDC/ATSDR employees and the nation for camaraderie and
support on November 21st when thousands of Americans quit smoking for a day
or for good!  For more information on how you can successfully quit, call
1-800-ACS-2345 or visit www.cancer.org <www.cancer.org> .


Help is just a phone call away!
     <<...OLE_Obj...>>    UNITE GEORGIA QUIT LINE
UNITE GEORGIA provides free personal screening, counseling, referrals, and
written materials, including a "quit kit" tailored to individual needs.
Call today and help yourself or a loved one quit smoking!

 <<...OLE_Obj...>> Other smoking cessation resources:

Check out the Office on Smoking and Health's intranet page at
www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/osh/tobacco.htm <www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/osh/tobacco.htm>
and select "How to Quit" from the Contents section.

The Lifestyle Program offers a 90 minute smoking cessation seminar to give
smokers specific strategies and skills to use to successfully quit smoking.
For more information, call the Lifestyle Office at 404-639-2164 or visit the
web page at http://intranet.cdc.gov/ohs/OCCUHLTH/HealthED.htm
<http://intranet.cdc.gov/ohs/OCCUHLTH/HealthED.htm> .


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