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[IP] question about test strip refills

Somone wrote:

snip<I have been pumping since this past May, and was always able to receive
300 test strips per month.  For some reason, in October, the pharmacist
told me my insurance would only cover 200.  My nurse practitioner plainly
wrote the form for 300/month, and for me to test 8x daily.>snip

I have Wellmark-Blue Cross insurance and once I meet my annual deductible they
just pay 80% of  all prescriptions, etc.  I had this same problem twice that
you stated above.  It was never the fault of my ins. company - but both times
because the pharmacist was not putting the information in the computer
correctly.  If I was you I would go back to the pharmacy and ask to talk to
the "head pharmacist" and tell him the problem, state that you WANT to get
your prescriptions at that pharmacy, and ask that they please figure it out
for you.  I had been getting my strips at the same pharmacy for years while on
shots, and when I went to the pump and starting using more strips I got this
same story.  I explained to the pharmacist helping me that I was on a pump and
that I use between 8 and 14 strips per day depending on exercising, etc.  He
just STARED at me!  He gave me this story that ins. allows 3 to 5 strips per
day, asked me why was I testing more than before every meal anyway, etc.  So I
kind of "raised" my voice a little and said "look - do you want to take care
of my diabetes for me on 3 strips per day" and by doing that of course the
"head pharmacist" was more than willing to come "out from the back" of the
large pharmacy and talk to me.  I explained it all to him and he said "well,
when they put the first script in the computer they must have put it in as
allowing 100 strips per day, etc."  He just had to go back and recode all the
ins. information on the computer under my name so that the "COMPUTER" would
allow me more strips per month.  It had nothing to do with my ins. company.
Then about a year later I was going to switch to a Wal-mart pharmacy because
the strips were a "little" cheaper.  I got the same story from Wal-mart and
they would only let me have 100 strips per month.  They ALSO said it was my
ins. that wouldn't let me have more.  I tried twice explaining it to them -
they NEVER got it right in their computer.  I went back to the original
pharmacy that DID figure it out and have been with them ever since.  Actually
I have NEVER even gotten a script from my endo for the strips as anyone can
buy them - the pharmacy just "sets them up" in the computer for ins. purposes.
The MAIN problem is that the pharmacy needs to "SET IT UP" for the correct
amount of strips per month.  they should be MORE than willing to do this for
you considering how much you are going to be spending there in the years
DON'T GIVE UP - make sure you get what you deserve.

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