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Re: [IP] Re: COBRA

I have heard so many horror stories like this.  I have
been "downsized" for the past 5 months (today is the
anniversary BTW).  My company had its policy with BCBS
of MN and it was fantastic coverage.  I wasn't sure
how much my COBRA would cost me, but it turned out to
be 253.78/month, which, from what I hear is pretty
cheap.  When I was working I was paying about
50/month.  But, with mortgage, car, car insurance and
COBRA, plus I do need to eat, that takes more than my
unemployment, so I have been forced, like most of us
out of work, to use my 401K money.  From what I know I
don't think socialized medical coverage is the answer
either.  Just look at the trouble people have in
countries with this type of program.  I don't know
what the answer is.  I have had DM for 8 years and for
the first several years I had no insurance.  My health
suffered because I couldn't afford to test and I sure
wouldn't have been able to afford to be on a pump. 
Something needs to be done to help those without
insurance...but don't get me started as I get sooo
angry when I see how much government waste we have. 
Blessings  C.
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> This is definitely a YSMV. On COBRA we are paying
> $750
> a month, our new job insurance will cost over
> $1000/month. A National Health Care Plan is needed
> deperately. Over 43 million people do NOT have any
> insurance at all. And many of the rest of us are
> paying thru the nose. meg

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