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[IP] Re: Mailing Humalog- why?

>>>Just curious but I've noticed that alot of people get their insulin
mailed to them, why?  Is it that much cheaper?  and wouldn't it cost about
the same if not more once you add on the shipping?  Or do you all not have a
pharmacy near you??>>>

Good question and glad you asked:

Some insurance companies require mail-order Rx's if it's an ongoing item
such as insulin. I'd like it to be temporary, but you know how permanent
temporary can be. lol  But, our mail-order Rx's take 2 copays for  3 mos. I
get 4 vials of Humalog for $30 copay instead of $15 each. With the two of us
needing more than 15 Rx's, every bit helps.

I have been very happy with Merck-Medco's shipping method for insulin since
so many complained. Inserted in the package (over a year ago) was an
explanation of their new methods of protection. (~_^)

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