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Re: [IP] Vitectomy Question

My wife just went through the surgery, after her second eye hemorrhage.  She 
is 48 T1 for 30 years and on the pump since 9/11/01 (yes we were in the Dr. 
office at 846 AM!). After 2 weeks of drops and night time patch/shield on the 
eye, Dr. told her to resume regular routine.  She saw red and black blotches 
at various times and lots of floaters.  Little to no pain, but some 
headaches.  It has now been just over 60 days and she feels it is a success. 
She is back to work teaching and going next week for another followup appt. 
Dr. did lots of laser while he was in there and feels it was a success also.  
Only leftover issue is the fact that she has now not driven since her first 
episode in April.  She is hoping to get that OK soon too.    The 45 minute to 
1 hour procedure was really a piece of cake for her and she was home a couple 
hours later.  Don't be scared and have faith in the dr. as he is the expert.
Jack Hoffman

> Greetings-
> My friend Donna is getting a vitrectomy Thursday and wants to know how long 
> the average recovery might take, from insiders rather than the docs.  She's 
> nervous and needs any support we can send her.
> Sara if I'm not mistaken you've gone through this a couple of times?
> You can email me or Donna direcltly.  She's at email @ redacted 
> and 
> I'm at email @ redacted  Thanks in advance.
> Dianne
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