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Re: [IP] Re: daughter in college

> She was home for the weekend and had a mental block
> against giving her shot.  She actually skipped some of the Humalog
> shots without her BS going high so maybe she is headed for the
> honeymoon period.  She knows the shots don't hurt and was doing fine
> for about a week but then her hand just wouldn't do it.  It took
> about 1 hr on Saturday.  I almost did it but we both thought that
> wouldn't solve the problem because I'm not with her all the time. 
> Last night it took her about 3 hours back at the dorm.  

This will pass. For months, even after she started pumping, Lily 
would take up to 1/2 hour to do a finger stick. After a month or two 
on the pump when her 11yo head figured out that the bg results 
allowed her to do what she wanted, the time required began to 
diminish pretty rapidly. I'm sure something similar will happen with 
your daughter as well. Hang in there and tell her to do the same.

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