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Re: [IP] Merck-Medco - and Disetronic Batteries - arggg

> My husband was told today that Merck-Medco (under the IBM plan) will
> no longer dispense Disetronic Batteries because they don't have an
> NDC number.  What a crock.  Can someone HELP!?

That's an opportunity, not a problem. Your contract of insurance is 
not with Merck Medco, they are a third party supplier to the primary 
insurance company. Call the primary and simply tell them you need 
these supplies, where they come from and ask that they be added as an 
approved vendor AT LEAST FOR YOU for purposes of deductibles and 
co-pays. It is there responsibility to see that there are in-network 
suppliers that can provide you with your needs.

This is the method I used to get Blue Shield to let me purchase 
directly from MiniMed back when they switched all their durable 
medical stuff to third party supplier that carried "home infusion 
supplies". Those guys thought a pump was something the put air in 
tires. What a joke.

Anyway, it's the same routine. Just don't take no for an answer. IBM 
is a pretty big gun if you can get the HR people on your side.

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